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 In September 2015, Halftime Talent Solutions placed Marketplace Executive Brad Barnett as Senior Vice President of Children and Family Services for Buckner International

Brad Barnett
“Buckner’s foundational beliefs and impact for Christ with people – one child, one heart, one family at a time – are what attracted me to the organization… to connect my God-given talents and experience with ministry and be fully poured out for others – is fulfilling a dream.” –  Brad Barnett

“I am excited that Brad’s knowledge of business tactics and processes are being linked with our BCFS staff’s extensive knowledge and experience in quality care for vulnerable children and families.” – Albert Reyes, Buckner International President and CEO


Successful Board Prospect Sourcing Project Takes Elevate USA to New Level of Scalability

For the past 33 years, Elevate USA has been teaching character, leadership, and life skills in public schools across the nation while providing a relationally driven mentorship program to urban youth. One of the greatest challenges that Elevate Read More

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How do you know that you will still feel energized in your role for the next 10 or even 20 years?

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