Passing the Baton

21 Aug 2017 in News

At least once a week, Halftime Talent gets to witness God at work. Often, it takes the form of an email or a phone call from someone responding to one of our opportunity postings, and many times it happens that the role is tailor-made for…

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Pete Kelly Promoted to CEO of Apartment Life!

15 Aug 2017 in News

Halftime Talent Solutions is thrilled to announce that after two years of serving as President of the Apartment Life ministry, Pete Kelly will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer of Apartment Life beginning January 1, 2018. Pete brings natural leadership, a passion for community,…

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Retire or Reboot?

23 May 2016 in Research

As the largest generation in the history of the world approaches 70, it’s more obvious than ever that today’s marketplace leaders are doing more beyond the years of traditional retirement than any generation before them. In a 2005 study, The Spectrum Group found that 74%…

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Age Matters

28 Jan 2016 in Research

As Peter Drucker points out, we are the first generation in the history of the world to have 20-30 extra years beyond our technical years in business to do what we want to do. If you’re honest with yourself, are you really that interested in…

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The Importance of Board Prospect Sourcing

28 Jan 2016 in Research, Thought Leadership

We’ve seen nonprofits that are making a huge impact within their own spheres of influence but outside of their own database, growth has remained relatively stagnant. The problem? In regards to executive leadership, nominating committees typically select people from within their own networks. According to…

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The Key Ingredient

28 Jan 2015 in Research

If you’re a marketplace leader transitioning to a non-profit role, you’ve most likely considered the specific causes you’re passionate about leading and have a strong knowledge of the skills and experience you can bring to your new position. Your marketplace experience, connections and resources are…

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