Successful Board Prospect Sourcing Project Takes Elevate USA to New Level of Scalability

29 Aug 2016, by Halftime Talent Solutions in News, Research, Success Stories

For the past 33 years, Elevate USA has been teaching character, leadership, and life skills in public schools across the nation while providing a relationally driven mentorship program to urban youth.

One of the greatest challenges that Elevate USA has faced is developing new leadership in every city they go into. For Elevate USA to continue to grow, they recognize that they need to find leaders who have a passion and heart for urban communities and specifically kids. When Elevate USA was Invited into Ferguson, St. Louis, by city leaders, Elevate USA’s CEO, Debbi Speck, knew they would need a strong board.

Debbi says, ‘I went to St. Louis and met with my people and my networks. Everyone we spoke with told us they were overcommitted on boards. The same people were getting tagged for everything in the city. My connections were tapped out. My networks asked me if I could help find new leaders in the city. After about a year of searching, a Halftime Alum on another board told me about the work that Halftime Talent Solutions is doing. I reached out to Jeff Spadifora and things started moving quickly.’

In order to get the process started, Halftime Talent Solutions’ CEO, Greg Barnes, flew out to Colorado to meet with Elevate USA’s board and learn about the organization’s mission and goals. Halftime Talent Solutions was then able to focus their search on people that were prepared and looking to serve in the capacity that Elevate USA needed them to.

Through their search, Halftime Talent Solutions was able to find new board members that wanted to see change but didn’t know how to do it. Elevate USA became the vehicle that allowed them to do it. As Halftime got hot prospects, they would let Debbi know and she would reach out and bring them on. Within 2 weeks, Elevate USA had their first board member.

‘The board prospects that Halftime Talent Solutions brought us were available, they were compassionate and they were ready,’ Debbi tells us. ‘The beautiful thing is that once our new board members got together, they discovered knew each other through their own personal networks. They were people with leadership capacity and knew what steps to take to lead. We were able to release them to do what they already knew what to do.’

As a result of Halftime Talent Solution’s success in identifying business leaders for their program in St. Louis, Elevate USA is ramping up to expand to 4-6 cities next year, including; San Francisco, Houston, New York City (possibly), Dallas, San Antonio, Las Vegas.

On the overall experience, Debbi says, ‘Halftime is delightful. We accelerated what we are doing. They are easy to work with, got it right away and they are very self-directed and do a great job. Our whole strategic plan is changing because of them. It’s allowed us to think of scalability. Halftime Talent Solutions is now part of our mission.’

If your organization is seeking new board members, or if you’re looking for an opportunity to join the board of organizations like Elevate USA, Halftime Talent Solutions has the experience and the relationships that will help make that happen.  Click here to learn more.