Board Prospect Sourcing

Using our global database access to millions of professional, servant leaders, we engage our “network of networks” to find the key person you need to serve in your organization.

MULTIPLE PROSPECT PROMISE: We will sign a contractual commitment to successfully complete this project with a pre-determined minimum number of prospects.

GLOBAL CANDIDATE NETWORK: The Halftime Talent network gives us access to millions of accomplished professionals globally who are dedicated servant leaders.

BOARD PROSPECT ROLE: We will assist in creating or perfecting a brief description to target and attract the board prospects you need.

PRE-SCREENING PROCESS: Our detailed screening process ensures you have the opportunity to speak with prospects who match your needs.

PLACEMENT BASED ON EXPERTISE: We work with you to determine what specific areas of expertise your board needs (e.g. marketing, human resources, audit, information technology, etc.) based on prospects’ career experience, service involvement and personal connections.