Retained Executive Search

When your organization needs full-time professionals for key leadership and operational roles, our Retained Executive Search service combines 30 years of marketplace executive search experience with some powerful advantages that distinguish our service from all others.

GLOBAL CANDIDATE NETWORK: Our most powerful advantage! Halftime Talent Solutions’ “network of networks” approach gives us global access to millions of professionals who are dedicated servant leaders. These accomplished servant leaders, motivationally aligned with organizations on a mission, are not easily identified using traditional search tactics.

FLEXIBLE FEE STRUCTURE:We focus our fee structure on service excellence and sustainability over maximum profitability. Our fees are based on approximately 25% of a selected candidate’s first year compensation.

CLIENT PARTNERSHIP: We understand both the marketplace and non-profit communities and can work with you to develop the job description, opportunity profile and assessment tools to target and attract candidates.

NEW HIRE COACHING: Our talented Halftime coaches are available to provide transition coaching for up to 90 days to enhance successful integration.