Talent Consulting Services

Our clients often seek assistance with projects that fall outside the parameters of direct candidate placement. Areas include general talent acquisition and succession planning. We can leverage the investments already make in in-house recruiting and human resource services by customizing our consulting services to fit your needs.

DEVELOP CANDIDATE PIPLELINES: Create a hiring strategy for repetitive talent needs based on target prospective profiles for in-house follow-up.

RECRUITER TRAINING: Advance processes enable passive candidate development, standardized interview and assessment methodology and improved prospect-to-hire conversion rates.

INTERVIEW GUIDES: Improve your interview and candidate evaluation processes with guides developed for the recruiter/hiring manager.

ON-BOARDING ANALYSIS: Evaluate and implement benchmarking, coaching, and improvements to your new-hire integration process to improve retention.

WORKFORCE PLANNING TOOLS: Align recruiting resources with strategic operating objectives.

INTERNAL MOBILITY PLATFORM: Enhance existing succession model and employee referral processes.